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EXSL-Win is a program that can program any CNC control system
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EXSL-Win is a program that can program any CNC control system. CNC is an acronym that means "Computer Numerical Control", a protocol used in industrial manufacture machines, that follow a program with very precise instructions, where every movement of each machine is ruled by an exact number.

This program allows you to prepare any project that will be done by any machine. You will need to enter each step that you want the machine to perform in the right sequence and specify the right time. After doing that, you will obtain a program that can be used for any industrial robot to get exactly the same result. The program will let you use the NC editor to enter orders that you want the machine to complete. It will also show you how the machine will perform each step, by using a 3D simulation that you will see on the same screen.

This way, you will be able to fix the movements that are wrong, and you will be sure that the machine will perform exactly the job you want it to do. You can zoom in the simulation to have a closer look, or zoom out to have a general look. The authors of this program will prepare an estimation of the cost for your industry if you write them to the provided email address.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very accurate
  • It shows you a simulation of the processes that the program will perform


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